Tasting You

Posted Aug 27, 2007, 4:40:43 AM

Well...This is not my first all out hentai piece, but it's certainly my first to ever be posted anywhere...I hope it's at lease semi-tasteful...x.x;;

It is off an Inuyasha RP that happened last year...Obviously a kinky one...lol. I drew it and finished it last year, but I could never post it anywhere because-well-DA is stinky about the rules like that.

Obviously it's Inuyasha and Kagome, in the modern era...Kagsey is 24 in our games-she was 23 for this-but that's why she's not in the fuku-(why she is dressed-is because Inu was too eager to bother with her clothes and boots. x) )

It is messily colored, I know...but I beileive it was like a 30 minute sketch that I colored in adobe photoshop and just put blended shadows in. In fact-it's got a sketchy look all the way round to it. FYI, I'm not fantastic with BGs. I can do good ones, but not often...lol. Better off with the actual characters. It's sad, I know, but yea-thats also probably why the BG in this is at a -2 in ranking. xD

Anyway...um...Yeah...I donno what else to say.

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