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You can't take those words bac

Posted Feb 21, 2008, 3:16:05 AM

Requested by someone on Y!Gallery. Submitting it here too I guess, as pointless as that seems to be.

Axel and Marluxia © Square and Disney
Artwork © Nyarlathotep23, 2008

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  • Feb 22, 2008
    What's the stuff on the ground in the pic? I'm unfamilier with the 2 characters sorry ^^;
    • Feb 22, 2008
      The stuff on the floor is burnt pieces of vines. ^___^ hee hee *points to all the burning vines and bits of burnt vines falling to the floor* These characters are from Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II. The pink haired one controls and generates flowers and plants and the redhead manipulates and conjures fire. ^_____^ This was a request drawing of a scene from a specific fanfiction. <333
      • Feb 22, 2008
        Axel and Marluxia- right? I know their names (I watch like... 5 KH fanartists on DA. I was also commissioned to draw Marluxia once too.) but I don't kow much about them themselves ^^; I've played like,... 3 hours of KH 1 XD Its all cause I've never owned a consol till a few months ago when I got a DS- I'm TOTALLY head over heals obsessed with Phoenix Wright now (Oh drool on their TOTALLY awesome storyline. I couldn't put the darn thing down. THE SCANDLE!! XD) I can see that KH must be a good game. I enjoyed what I played of it. Collecting the comic, but the comic kinda sucks if you haven't played the game cause it moves so fast :< But yeah- I don't know anythign about them ^^; The vines are to do with Marluxia and the burnt with Axel though- right? I kow Marluxia had this pink roses thing, and Axel seemed to have fire alot... I'm not sure ^^;
        • Feb 22, 2008
          Yep! That's pretty much exactly right! (I obsessively learn background for and speculate endlessly about the motivations of characters I like to slash) XD XD You should really play KHII, that game is really fun ^____^ OMG I tried to buy a DS today (I want the new crimson and black one) and everywhere in my town they are sold out all of a sudden?!? I wanna play Phoenix Wright! DDD: On the 1st though they will get more red DSs and then I will have my revenge!!! *ahem* >____>
          • Feb 23, 2008
            TOTALLY play PW. OMG- I looked at it and was like "Yeah sure sure. The guy is hawt, but that's it. It's gonna be a shit storyline" and it was so completly and utterly AWESOME O.O! Play #1 first thoguh- the game play is easier than #2 cause you don't have to sift through character profiles too. It has alot of Edgeworth in it too ;)

            Yeah- I was forced into a pink ds... that didn't impress me T.T IT's an awesome consol though ^^
            • Feb 23, 2008
              I might break down and slink back to Game Stop and buy a blue one... they had those I think. I REFUSE to buy a pink one though. XD Hahah Oh yeah, my friend has already agreed to let me borrow her PW games once I buy my DS. I'm totally there. hahaha XD
              • Feb 23, 2008
                Lol- I didn't get a choice ^^; IT was pink or no DS- that NZ for you. Choice of nothing, but heck... ITS HERE O.O! We finally gots it!! ^^ I have to import most of my cool stuff T.T