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Posted Oct 10, 2008, 9:01:44 PM

sladjgasdlfkg I fucking LOVE Klavier/Apollo with a such burning passion and so I will most certainly draw them screwing again. (with Polly on top this time!) Wait for it!


Klavier Gavin and Apollo Justice © CAPCOM
Fanart © Nyarlathotep, 2008

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  • Oct 10, 2008
    Mm, the colours are so rich and lovely. I love this just as much as the very strong and expressive lineart! Great work! Smile
    • Oct 10, 2008
      Whaa! Thank you! I'm really glad you like them both. I had a really good time working on this pic. <333333
      • Oct 10, 2008
        That's really very important, to enjoy working on a piece! It really shows, you can see the enjoyment in every line and every stroke. And it gives the picture such vibrance! Smile
  • Oct 10, 2008
    Polly on top? That's a hilarious idea ^^ I'm just picturing him yelling "GOTCHA" with his proud grin on his face XD Lol
    • Oct 10, 2008
      Oh trust me, I will make it sexy as hell. <3 Apollo can totally top, I think. XD He's got a lot of force in that little body. X3333
      • Oct 11, 2008
        Lol- enough to tame the drill? Heheh... I always saw Apollo as a Uke. Mind you, alot of lawyers in that game are ukes... except Diego. He's always seme. Unless he's teamed up with Godot. Everyone is an Uke when with Godot. >: )
  • Oct 11, 2008
    very hot and well done