It Tickles!

Posted Feb 22, 2009, 5:40:24 AM

Two of my World of Darkness RPG characters getting ready to have some fun--Tam Arashikaze and Clarice Ferguson.  Yes, this is Clarice "Blink" Ferguson of X-Men fame, though in my game "universe" she's a Verbena mage whose Awakening led to an, ah, unusual skin color.

Originally, this drawing was to be a bit more serious, but it just didn't seem to turn out right.  These are two characters who love each other very much, and why should sex be at all serious?  So I redrew her face to make it look like Clarice was giggling.

Clarice's head is a bit out of proportion here, and I'm not sold on her skin color (probably should've just gone with a darker, more natural skin tone instead of purple) but otherwise this turned out pretty well.


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