Captive Audience

Posted Jul 7, 2009, 10:41:46 PM

I took this commission at Anime North 09. The request was for Allen/Kanda, and I was told that NC-17 was A-OK. So I came up with this. It's only a spoiler if you know what's going on in the background... and if you knew that, you'd already be spoiled. So basically, no spoilers.

Allen and Kanda are almost my OTP. Seriously, it's weird. I've never really gotten into 'pairings', (especially in a fandom like D. Gray-Man where any character could be paired with anyone else), but I really dig these two together. If I did things like OTPs, these guys would be it for me. Especially in the most recent chapters of the manga, the hottness between them is off the chart.

..and it helps that Allen is looking more mature now, too.

EDIT: I continued this picture in a mini-comic here

D. Gray-Man and characters (c) Katsura Hoshino

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  • Jul 7, 2012
    I don't know who these are but they look good together <3
  • Jul 16, 2009
    Heheh... It's the comic that did it for me. I didn't know what the snitch looking thing was till then XD CAUGHT XD
    • Jul 17, 2009
      haha! I'm glad you liked it! Oh yeah, on the description for the comic I told people that Timcampy is a recording device with a mind of its own. It makes for a little extra dimension there. Wink