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Posted Oct 27, 2009, 3:10:13 AM

An illustration for my story called "Shuffle", specifically for chapter 5 called "Behind".  This is a scene between Miroku, rin and InuYasha, kinda corny, but here is the story: Shuffle as a whole is about Miroku sending his daughter to Japan as an exchange student, and he recieves Rin in his daughter's place.  They end up falling in love with each other and begin a sexual relationship, all without Sango's knowledge (although she suspects something is up)  InuYasha, who cheats consistantly on Kagome with his girlfriend Kikyo, encourages Miroku's extramarital affair, and he and Kikyo manage to pull some strings and get Sango, Kagome, and the rest of Miroku's kids out of town for a night, leaving Miroku and rin with the house to themselves.  The only thing InuYasha asks in return is to watch them do the nasty.  Miroku tells Rin of Inu's request and she agrees, then further agrees to let him tape it.  Inu goes a little overboard with the taping, trying to create a really good amatuer porn tape.  He brings this portable stripper's pole and he's telling Rin what he wants her to do but can't seem to get his words to be clear, so he goes to show her, and gets a little too close and ends up starring in his own feature film. 


Sketched in PS CS3 with a Genius Grpahics pad and pen.

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