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Death Diety

Posted Sep 23, 2005, 5:30:30 PM
Man this one took some work. I think I am happy with it... the colors are sure purteh though!! Yeah Aya the angel of Death, fallen into shadow. But shadows are happy places and quiet... and ... and darkeness is good for migraines!! *holds head* I'll shut up now. My poetic self is just... butchered now.

Aya D. (c) GrimRippy

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  • Feb 10, 2006
  • Oct 2, 2005
    The colors are pretty. You're shading is really nice. Do you airbrush the highlights/shadows, or use the burn/dodge tool? I love his hair, too. Very awesome.
    • Oct 23, 2005
      Actually.... I just use blur and stuff.... XD I need to try the other stuff, but I'm... lazy. XD I just can't get over your avatar. That is one cute cat.
      • Oct 23, 2005
        Blur, really? I should try that and see what happens, lol. I'm lazy, too, so finding new ways to be lazy is always exciting.

        I lurve my little kittie, too. She's actually a friend's (her name is Empu, which is a nickname in Finnish for Emily). We were playing with the other cat and trying to get Empu to join, and she wouldn't. That's what she looked like. So I snapped a picture of her and smacked her on as my avvie.
  • Sep 23, 2005
    Wow this is definately cool. I like your use of color.

    This seems to be more suitable for the Red Curtain though. It's not showing anything but it is a little suggestive.
    • Sep 23, 2005
      awww sorry about that, i seem to keep making mistakes here... >_< I'll try and be better about it. I'm learning! XD
      • Sep 23, 2005
        hey don't worry about it. this one is border line. It's REALLY hard to make these sorts of decisions. I can't just spell it out clearly saying what's red curtain and what isn't.
        • Sep 23, 2005
          IT's all good, I am beginning to learn what it is and is not. So I will hopefully be making fewer mistakes from here on. Thank you!