In the Tower of Cyrith Ungol

Posted Jun 10, 2010, 1:06:40 AM

I drew this in 2004, right after I saw one of the Lord of thr Ring movies.  It actually describes the scene in which Sam find Frodo naked in a pile of rags, covered with whip lash marks.  He kisses him to wake him up and reassure him that he is not dreaming.  It's a tender, sweet moment... but he's never shown NAKED.  I cheated and covered him in Sam's cloak.

Some notes... It's prismacolor pencil.  Also it's more of a mild Slash than full out Yaoi.  There's gore and he was violated but it's not rape.  Argh!  Oh and I was thinking more of the book than the movie... which is why I labeled it literary.  Why is there no option for Hobbits?

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