Good Girl

Posted May 16, 2011, 2:18:48 AM

About: Well this i the follow up to 'Good Boy' where Sess has the leash this time. and Kagome's the Uke.

other then that this was LS'd so there's footage of it somewhere if you want to see how i did this.

About a month ago, i drew some smut d0odles and asked which poses were liked best, i had 6 poses, this was #6, and the most liked pose out of all of them, expect to see the others in due time. though 2 of them were rather O_o .... 4 of them were rather awesome!

There is a banner for this, that is not marked 18+ b/c it doesn't show anything.

paper detail©it's respective owner, courtesy of G0ogle
Art by r0o

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