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Not smart Senpai! Ryu & Sakura

Posted Sep 16, 2015, 5:36:20 AM

Ryu has had enough of pretty Sakuras taunting and teasingcheeky,  Ryu decides his young novitiate needs to be "introduced" to the joys of adulthood and gives her what shes thursty for!  Only problem is he decides to record the moment for posterity,  "Ummm thats exactly whats going to happen Senpai Ryu,"  Sakura tells him,  " I guess you haven't heard of a thing called, "VIRAL!" 

"My parents and friends are going to see this, "    (Ryus face starts to blanche)   "I guess i should warn you my Dads got a hunting rifle in his closet!" broken heart

This will end badly.

Color version will be up soon!

Ryu and Sakura Kasugano* StreetFighter II-III* Capcom inc.

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