ChibiThekla's 16 Styles Meme

Posted Mar 25, 2017, 7:26:37 AM

My guinea pig for this one in particular is the wonderfully sarcastic, lethargic, and always horny Jay. He has been one of my main art muses for about a decade, and I wouldn't have gotten far without him...even though no art is being produced. Did I mention he's as much of a procrastinator as me? Yeah... We're working on it.

Anyway, I made one little edit to the meme. I changed the second box from One Piece to Adventure Time. I don't know anything about One Piece, but I didn't want to leave an open box there. That kind of stuff just irks me. My apologies, ChibiThekla.

The blank meme is here: Meme 16 Styles

Jay had a bit to say about how he looked in each of the styles, but I don't think you guys would be too interested in his derisive, perverted ramblings. He is quite the card.

Maybe next time. ^.~


Jay/Artwork © Dex Wolfhurst (C. S. Hurst) 2004-2017

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