Eagerly they explored her 3 CU

Posted Apr 25, 2020, 8:21:38 PM

Sydney could now feel the males getting more "handsy" with her semi-nude body, and quickly let them know they had overstepped their bounds.  Listen you sodding brutes, LET MEEEEEEEEEEEE GO. Her screams filled the small stone interrogation room. To her great pain, the lead male back-handed her, rendering her dazed, but what came next was more shocking.  Listen to me Earther Frogwoman Whore, he spat, your place is no longer an Earther Naval officer, but a new play whore of Anubis love temple.  She was shocked that they were speaking Earth Standard English.  With a small dagger placed near her jugular view the toothy brute smiled and continued.  It seems you Earther Whore females are superior to males, let me enlighten you "Plaything"!  First we will begin by removing your trappings (they likely meant her dive tank harness and her weight belt).  Now every good pet needs to be trained so lets start with you.  From nowhere powerful hands secured her head in place while the biggest savage carefully inserted a restrained bold around her neck while at the same time sliding something awkward into her oral cavity.  The brutes began laughing nephariously as Sydney realized she could close her mouth properly.  The buggers had shoved a ring gang into her mouth to prevent her from bitting down on her captives and their sensitive parts.  Cheats she cursed to herself.  As she tried to breath their her nose, her powerful arms were wretched backwards and shackled in place.  Still securing her upper body so thay she was staring at the powerful guard kneeling before her, felt her ankles grabbed and her legs yanked savagely backward.  Her pussy hitting the cool stone floor then her legs beging yanked upwards.  As this happened the brute in front of her had his two underlings hook their arms to keep Sydney off the floor. Excellent her laughed as he now began to slip his leather loincloth off, to reveal a massive engorged serpent.  Savagely her rammed the think flesh ram deemp into her gullet.  The smell of it was appalling, but as she tried to steady herself from yaking all over the invading demon-cock, she now heard men behind her spitting on her rear-most opening, securing her thighs her other attack drove himself upward, deep into her birth channal.  Unfortunately they didn't give Sydney's body time to lube up, for instantly waves of seering pain, and agony filled the room, the only thing keeping the sound down was her oral rapist's massive cock. Tears filled her eyes as the two massive bulls now pummelled her chiselled, powerful body.

Enjoy this Frogwoman Earther Whore, you are being trained for free, HEHEHEHEHEHEH, they laughed vilely.  Moans of male lust filled the room matched by Sydneys pain. Savagely they took her and their stamina made it worst for they were not about to ejaculate any time soon.  As minutes grew into hours, Sydneys body was ravaged over and over, and not just by the men in the room.  As guards got off duty they took their turns trying to impregnate and fill her womb with their potent seed.  They all removed penises to change players or to give Sydney enough water to keep her cautious.  This went on for hours and hours sometimes they would let her sleep as they raped her other times they would slap her awake and threaten her.  She tried to stay positive, but she had no idea how she was going to get out of this mess, let alone get back to HER Earth...

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