Underwater Prey

Posted Apr 28, 2020, 4:36:59 PM

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  • Apr 28, 2020
    Ensign Jenna Morrill desperately swam as fast as her powerful legs could propel her but she was getting. The wreck of the ancient U-Boat was only metres ahead and War Grave or not, she was going to hide in it until an ANs Team could rescue her. Suddenly out of nowhere a low Trollish, Ogre-like voice filled her head. FOOLISH CHILD I am YOUR worst fear, I have always been around in the shadows - LURKING to hunt you women down and BREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED with you. Make this easy on yourself, stop and face me so that I and my minions may FILL YOU, OVER AND OVER, HEHEHEHEHEHE [His laugh was evil and demon-like].

    Shutting her eyes tightly and filling her mind with the Prayer of Hera and Artemis she envisioned the golden orb and began to recite the Prayer: Mighty Hera, Devine Artemis I supplicate myself to your greatness and mercy, I BEESECH YOU and your warriors to aide me and deliver me from the vile ministrations of this damned creature and his evil followers... as she continued Gomack found his mind tricks and fear sapping were not working - WHAT ISSSSSSSSSSS THIS ANCIENT TRICKERY HE SPAT! The more he screamed inside her head, the more useless his efforts became, savagely now he swam toward his luscious prey, his heart beat wildly he could envision her body writhing under his powerful bulk and he tearing the wetsuit from her supple body and revealing her nude perfection - but the vile cure was not to have his fun. She was right in front of him and he could not reach her.. Jenna continued. Please MIGHTY ONE I beg you and your sisters deliver me from this wretched unholy being, HERA you are my sword and shield, YOU are my armour and I am your servant through all the gates of time. She cried and her mind was full of these powerful images - then she could no longer hear the vile titan's voice instead a WILDLY bright like filled the space in front of her, it was green gold and shimmery and it was both translucent and solid at the same time. A soft yet powerful female voice now filled her mind. Thank you little one YOUR belief awakened me and I see I still have ancient enemies lurking in this world, she chuckled and began to tickle the young ensign, who now began to smile and laugh. Dear Jenna, YOU have always believed in me and my power, you are blessed among the Amazons and all warrior women of this Earth. The shimmering light surrounded the young diver and all the while kept the sea demons at bay. She continued, HMMMMMMM I see you LOVE both Parker and the one they call Sydney - still though it wouldn't kill Sydney to come to temple and bring me the occasional offering of wine or fruits - a Goddess likes these occasion treats you know, hehehehehhe. They both laughed while all the while Gomacks rage continued to grow.. Thank you your Glory - I will speak to Sydney - she's rough around the edges but very loyal - and a great kisser, ehehhe.

    I know little one I have occasionally listened in when you girls were partying on Diana's yacht during your ocean trips to Greece, hehhe quite the trio - OH YES GOMACK - sorry little one, this won't take but a moment. Quickly the bright and glowing shape now turned to confront the Hadean Sea Demon, and formed itself into a giant golden Amazon warrior, repleat with armour helmet and Gladius. I AM GOMACK AND YOU WILL ALLOW TO FEED ON HER FLESH - The being that was Hera laughed heartily and simply said NO - IN FACT I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU AND YOUR BRUTES TERRORIZING YOUNG WOMEN IN THESE WATERS. I BANISH YOU BACK TO WHATEVER DARK REALM YOU CRAWLED OUT OF AND NEVER DARKEN THIS EARTH AGAIN. Instantly she aimed her sword and a powerful lighting blast struck all the sub creatures rendering them powerless and imploding them back through to the dark realm. Wow thought Jenna, not too shady my lady. Hera heard that and instantly returned to her charge. Now she returned to a more "human" size and continued to speak softly inside her head. A devilishly evil grin now formed on Hera's semi translucent face. So little one, wanna play an evil trick on Sydney, ehehheh. Jenna smiled wickedly...This is what we do.....

    SETTING: Allied Listening Ship HRH Queen Elizabeth 16: A frantic communications officer leaves her station and runs out onto the air carriers landing deck. Captain Cook, Captain Cook she hollers you have to come and see this. Frankly rolled her one good eye in annoyance - coming Maxim and this BETTER be good. Franky jogged back into the control room elevator and took it to the bridge. Holding the Russian Blue kitten that Diana and Sydney had gotten her on her recent birthday. Fondling the tiny grey kitten Franky whispered into her little ears and she seemed to smile. See Sir look at the size of this thing it's MASSIVE AND moving at Mach 3. In disgust Frankly Cook put the kitten down onto Maxim's vid station and went back onto the carriers deck. Why can I not GET A MOMENT'S BLOODY PEACE on this duty station she cursed. With her one good eye she could see a Giant being - a shimmering gold being appearing 2000 yards off Port, and getting closer and closer. Frankly took her ancient medallion and began to recite Hera's prayer: Mighty Hera Devine Artemis.. - TOO LATE FRANKLY I'm already here, heheheh. WHAT yelled Franky and in seconds an eight foot Greek Amazon was standing in front of Captain Franky Cook, holding what appeared to be a Royal Naval Frogwoman, gently in her arms. Franky was dumb founded and just blurted out - OH BALLS! Knowing not what to do she swiftly came to attention and shouted "Your glory you grace us with your devine light..

    Franky, Franky please relax okay - I'm not her to S-S - Jenna whispered into Hera's ear. Oh right, that's the word - thank you child - that's it I'm not here to smite anyone ladies, relax. Instantly as Hera gently placed Jenna on the ground and Frankly was about to salute her Glory, when out of nowhere two lunatics came running onto the deck shower towels - SOMEWHAT - covering their exquisite physiques, Diana stopping to fix Sydney's towel so that it did cover her ample treasures - and both running forward toward Franky yelling Oh God is Jenna safe, is she. Stopping in mid sentence and FINALLY seeing a giant gold Amazon standing on the deck of Royal Navy Air Carrier - Simultaneously yelling out - OH CRAP and coming to attention, and Franky whispering, Now those towels can fall to the ground - Oh Bugger! Ladies yelled Captain Cook, can I please have some decorum on MY OWN BLOODY SHIP when our Goddess makes an appears. Hera grinned sheepishly and said carry on ladies as you were. Quickly they used their hands to cover their boobs and privates. Hera released holding Jenna's hand and walked over to Diana and Sydney. Ladies, it's okay remember - I MADE you - Hmmm that must have been in my younger days cause DAM I was good. Both women now at attention and turning beat red. You two are doing a wonderful job with her, keep up the good work, and for the record it is nice to see some things returning to the old Greek ways - if you catch my meaning. Now Diana Please please visit your mother more often at the Vets home in Mons Veronica okay. Yes my lady said Diana. NOW AS FOR YOU YOUNG LADY. She turned toward Sydney. I LOVE pink Champagne, 15 year old Scotlandia Single Malt and my favorite fruits are Florian apples and Themyscirian Oranges!. Yes my lady! Oh one more thing I want you to see your Chaplain tonight and get Baptised under the full moon the minute this vessel hits Greece GOT IT! Oh yes family is responsibility as well as fun - If you ARE to continue to be a family I want all of you to be "TIED" in a proper temple ceremony. Yes your Glory - Parker reached over and took Sydney's hand, WE ALL will including Jenna. Thank you for saving our wonderful little friend, she means so much to us. I know she does child but remember what I told you got it!

    Frankly looking over to the two of them and shaking her head. Sodding hell, you two are going to be the death of me! Sorry Sir, they responded in unison. Look, go put something on - NOW like a dress uniform and NO WETSUTS got that, we have a state visitor, so TRY TO BEHAVE!! Yes Sir yelled the two women as they ran off naked toward their quarters.Hera turned to Jenna and said: Like I said VERY interesting "Friends" you have little one. Now run off and reassure your friends that you are okay I need to talk to Captain Cook. Yes your Glory and THANK YOU, I KNEW I WAS RIGHT TO KEEP BELIEVING IN YOU. Hera blew her a kiss and made a swishing movement with her right hand.

    Sheepishly Frankly walked toward Hera and began to apologize profusely. Putting her finger on Franky's lips she silenced her. Look Frankly you are going an amazing job, as she said this she instantly materialized from the Grecian armour suit int a modern Allied Nations Fleet Admirals dress uniform. Cute trick whispered Franky. Honey I'm full of them said Hera. Taking Franky's left hand the two walked toward a bulkhead. So what's for supper in the Mess tonight Captain. HMMMMM Roast lamb, tiny Lebanian potatoes, with lightly steamed spinach and Broclian Flowers. I can uncork a 20 year old Single Malt if Your Glory wishes. Oh SHE WISHES, they began to giggle. Oh there is one standing order. Those 3 lunatics better not be Love Revelling all night, in their quarters I expect to see them - FULLY CLOTHED and in proper dress uniforms.. though they DO look good in wetsuits, hehehehhe. No Absolutely note Your Glory, I can have the Red Caps make a special visit and ESCORT them to dinner. Hera chuckled I'd like that, besides I think I'd like to decorate one or two of them tonight, I'm feeling kind of generous. Franky looked up at the Deity and chuckled. Okay so what's the deal with you and Sydney exactly? The Goddess Hera laughed a little, then composed herself and now began to describe a chance battle field encounter when a young Lance Sgt. Sydney was serving in a Guards Battalion of the Queens Highlanders, at the battle of Mons Veronica. Well you see the Highlanders were pinned down taking enormous losses and Sydney began to....