Kinktober 2020 day 1: Touch

Posted Oct 2, 2020, 8:48:39 AM

I'm not a huge nsfw artist, but I really wanted to try this so I can get out of my comfort zone. 

The characters here are two that I've had for about 3 years now. The larger is Pharim, and the smaller is Red. Pharim is a vithe and Red is a ketter, both of which are species that I've been developing for the last few years. Both are adults, the rough equivalent of mid twenties. The size difference is due to the species difference. I've used these two as stryx handlers a long time ago, but their story has more or less left the arpg scene. Right now, I'm sort of rediscovering their characters as well as working more developing their dynamic and figuring out how they fit into my larger World. They were always meant to be a couple, though the beginning of their relationship was a bit unconventional, and though it wasn't initially intended, I feel the idea of them having a sort of 'friends with benefits' relationship at first suits them. I guess I'll be exploring that this month.

As for today's prompt, I went with the general idea of touching each other intimately for the first time, specifically Pharim touching Red, since the latter is a bit averse to most forms of physical contact. It takes a while for him to get used to touch that doesn't hurt, especially outside of sex.

This challenge will also be testing my ability to finish monochromatic paintings as quickly as possible. I think this one took around 6 hours, and it's still obviously very unfinished. One of my main problems is getting caught up in details and fully rendering certain parts while neglecting everything else. The other is trying to get anatomy right whlie posing two characters that are interacting as closely as these two will be, especially when they both have such weird anatomy. I'll leave it like this for now, but I might come back to finish it when the month is over.

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