kinktober: Shikun Frottage Kim Sausage

Posted Oct 3, 2021, 4:24:51 PM UTC

Kinktober day 3: Frottage:

Kim is a very naughty lady, and she love to mess with the naive Shikun, and that she love MEAT! so when feeling very playful one day, she told Shikun she hiding some Sausage on her. Shikun was surprise as Kim outfit leave little to the imagination but Kim assure her she packing it in her crotch and if she does not believe her, feel it. Shikun nodded and rub the meaty sausage feeling organ and blink as she feel it starting to stir a little as Kim moan...after realizing she been trick Shikun stomp off with a huff as Kim laugh....until she realize that now she horny and have no one to fuck...guess the last laugh goes to Shikun.

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