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You've wandered into The Red Curtain, the OG home of erotic art and kinky fantasies! Here, eroticism and sexuality are celebrated through art, comics, and short stories. We foster an LGBTQ+ friendly sanctuary for artists to be as creative and wild as they want without boundaries or judgement.

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  • Cover for Astalor


    Follow the story of a healer who gets assigned a job out of town. It starts with her arrival there and follows her adventures as she gets caught up in the war within the two factions that divide the valley it's in. Will she endure and see the mission through to the end or will her emotions cause her to end up on the wrong end of the war?

  • Cover for Alexandria and the Doctor

    Alexandria and the Doctor

    Alexandria instantly develops an physical attraction towards a doctor that's much more than a sight for sore eyes.

  • Cover for  Courting A Lady of Breeding

    Courting A Lady of Breeding

    Lord Fallon, aging Duke of Sutton, has fallen for a lady half his age and twice as cultured. After proposing, will he succeed in winning her hand? Will their married life be happy? I suck at summaries so you might as well read this Victorian romance if that is your thing.

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