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  • Cover for Mysteries Uncovered

    Mysteries Uncovered

    Camilla, along with many other stryx from Sacrum city, have been forced out into the deeper part of the caverns to combat the attacks that have taken place very near to the city lately. Many hardships are faced, but things take a rather personal turn for Camilla. Warning for slightly graphic gore descriptions, as well as some light swearing. I'll update this when I can, but that doesn't mean that will be often.

  • Cover for Bend and Don't Break

    Bend and Don't Break

    Fifty years have passed since the Avatar's disappearance. Fifty years since the war between nations came to a bitter end. A new world has risen from the ashes of tragedy. Yet the embers of war threaten to rekindle. Faced with a precarious future, a simple Water Tribe girl seeks to restore balance to the world. (InuKag, AtLA AU)

  • Cover for OC Character - Aema

    OC Character - Aema

    Some information and Lore about my OC/Persona character, Aema. ID Tag: PD83 #arpgportrait

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