I am a writer and I have recently started rendering using DAZ.  I would consider trades of short stories for art but presently don't think I am good enough to do just ANYTHING I can imagine in DAZ so I'm not ready to take requests with confidence yet. 

 My avatar was drawn by "whonew" at yaoi.y-gallery.net as gift art to me and is used with permission.

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  • Cover for Another Perspective

    Another Perspective

    This is the fourth story in "The Lakeville Chronicles". The first four stories do not necessarily need to be read in order. This story contains references to " Because I like the View " and "From Afar " but reading them before this story is not required. Warning: * This story contains explicit heterosexual, bisexual and (mostly) gay sexual content. * This story contains swear words. Lots of 'em! * This story contains some mild violence. * This story is intended for an adult gay or bisexual audience. Cover is stock photo & text added with Paint Shop Pro. This story was written for my good friend Aaron who is now in the United States you are missed but not forgotten.

  • Cover for The Statue of Eros

    The Statue of Eros

    College student wakes after a party with drinking and is courted by a god - in one form or another :) This is old writing. My style has changed since this, but it is a good example of my writing and one of my favorites. The icon is a photo of a statue by an unknown artist that I believe is a public domain stock photo. If someone tells me otherwise I will remove it.

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