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Hello! ♡

I originally joined PaperDemon in 2010 as Pris, although I didn't become an active member of the PaperDemon community until 2018 when I was going by Yuri, before asking BogusRed to help me change my username to Alexandria {my birth name} once I realised I was going to be published in the 2020 Red Curtain calendar of which I was also a volunteer behind the scenes, helping to bring the calendar project to life. I also invited my dear friend and surrogate little sister, Miriam-chan, to join PaperDemon - you can see the two of us hanging out and having fun on PaperDemon's Discord server; we both help host the community meetups as volunteer community moderators, too.

In my personal art journey, I am working towards webcomics - I have written many original dark fantasy stories with my brothers and best friend over the years, which we hope to one day adapt into graphic novel webcomics published online! Our main story dates back to 1998, and came about cos me and my brothers wanted to be cartoon characters.

My brother Micky is on PaperDemon as OctoberNocturne; he's writing a Gothic trilogy about Leopold Florel which I will illustrate in webcomic format.

I roleplay as Leopold's adoptive daughter Amy in the PaperDemon art RPG. Leopold and Amy are vampyres.

I am open for art commissions - more info available at my art blog here:

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