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My name is STILL Matt. I am a 31 year old independant artist in Pensacola Fl.


Not really a whole lot to say here.  I've been away from the "Demon" for some time, and thought I'd drop in to check it out once again.  


Hopefully I'll be posting some more sketches in the future. I took some time off from drawing recently, but I am hoping to stoke that fire with the start of the new year. 


Please check out my work if you have the time. Be so kind as to leave a line or two of comments and or critique. Roast me! I can take it!

To anyone that may be active on Elftown, my user name is Evilmonk there also. If I'm not here I am there as I frequent that site quite often.

Be nice, say "HI". I don't bite...unless I hate you. Which is rare.


Matt/Monk :lol:

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