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My name is Kristina. I am currently working on getting my skills sharpened up to put my portfolio together. I'd love to be a tattoo artist one day.  I currently live in Fort Collins, Colorado with the love of my life. I love to play in the mountains here. I have been through some life-altering changes lately but now I am back and better than ever! I have to admit...after looking at some of my older works, I have to laugh. I believe my absence has helped me imrove with some of my techniques. Maybe I should disappear more often. lol  

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  • Cover for A Crossroad

    A Crossroad

    So the Prince rescues the princess, but what happens when he decides he doesn't want the princess anymore? Not all love stories have a happy ending.

  • Cover for Somewhere To Belong

    Somewhere To Belong

    Thrust into the Feudal Era, Suko comes face to face with an unexpected love. Can she endure what Naraku has in store for her?

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