Welcome Friends and Foe's,
I am a hyperactive FanBoy........yes FanBoy........who borderlines on Insanity. Anywho.......I am currently booked when it comes to projects ( Fanfics, Art, Toning).

But first about me:

Pretty much I am working on my drawing skills, though my writings skills are insanely good I feel. Which makes me write fanfics like crazy which turn to long time novles, sneriously I love it. It stems from my roleplaying online......which I absolutely - Drools - love .


I am pretty open to just about everything you can possibly imagine, though the limits I have seem to be in common with alot of peoples. -Cough cough- Beastyness and icky number 2 & 3 stuff is pretty much Off-Limits to me.

I do include alot of different deprived acts into my writing, which is hilarous xD becuase I have to practically have to hit every Mature filter and Theme Filter there is on this site. But hey, I did say I was super open to many different things.


As of right now I am absolutely in love with Guro & Zombies & Shota & Necrophilia . Which makes most users on here and in the online roleplaying universe cringe. I have to say though, I blame one of my boyfriends aka Beck for introducing me to Y! Gallery in the first place. Becuase back then, I was just a normal yaoi-hardcore kinda guy XD. But now I like the most obscene things like..... -cough cough- Little zombie boys getting brainfucked :dead:

But anywho........-shifty eyes- I belive that is pretty much it. Until next time.

The End

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