A fan of gaming, art etc. I write for pleasure but would like to get my main book published. I do draw, badly to some haha, and again this is something I share in the hopes that someone will enjoy it.

I write a lot of slash, yaoi based themes as well as other non graphic.  I am not claiming to be great either I just write for fun.

LOL I am a registered pirate of the shipping POTC kind and I work for Electric Power, like a real ShinRa (FFVII) :pcaptain:

I love horror as well. So if sometimes there are weird crossovers you may understand..


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  • Cover for Stupid Cloud!

    Stupid Cloud!

    Set after the stories and films. Cloud and Tifa are married. Tifa gets annoyed when he doesn't answer his phone and threatens to chuck him out! Cloud finds a way to convince her otherwise. (be amazed I wrote non-Yaoi)

  • Cover for For our Sins

    For our Sins

    Two young students who both like one another, someone has to make the first move.

  • Cover for I don't relent

    I don't relent

    Genesis and Sephiroth one shot. Genesis finds out that Sephiroth hasn't let anyone take him in bed, he heads out to make it happen.

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