I have always been a been fan of Frogwomen, and amazon warriors (Greek Amazons like in Wonder Woman). Frogwomen are: powerful, sexy, exquisite, deadly. Wrapped in tight black rubber wetsuits and armed with their trusty dive knives and spear guns, they surface onto enemy harbours, beach installations. Knock out power stations and blow up ships in harbours. Like ghosts they emerge from the water - accomplish their missions and disappear into the ocean just as quickly. How Fng cool is that - that's why these women are my muses - my inspirations. Take care and thanks for stopping by my twisted art shack to peek inside. Cheers for now XOXO

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  • Cover for Hera Help Us

    Hera Help Us

    Ensign Jenna Morril is persued underwater by an evil and ancient sea ogre. In her terror she summons Hera Goddess protector of the Amazons, upon being rescued amusing series of events happen

  • Cover for Captured by the Drug Lord

    Captured by the Drug Lord

    While on an intelligence gathering mission a Royal Navy Diver is captured, but refuses to divulge any information - a mistake which could cost her dearly

  • Cover for Captured Prize from the Sea

    Captured Prize from the Sea

    A young female diver finds herself in a nightmarish world where her reality no longer makes any sense.

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