Síocháin 2021 [Closed]

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{ Síocháin 2021 }




Timthriall is over, and the seasons have passed. With the freezing colds, Winter has made its way into the northern parts of Kósmos's lands, covering the forests with soft blankets of the purest snow, and turning rapid waters into peaceful ice; while the gentle flowers have called upon the sun in the southern parts of the world, covering them in warm sunlight and welcoming breezes.


In contrast with the liveliness of Timthriall, Kósmos dwellers ready themselves for Síocháin: a time of peaceful serenity, and tranquil meditation.


While some use this time to rest on their own, others use it to strengthen bonds with loved ones, be it through shared time, activities, or gifts.




{ Síocháin Gift-Giving }


Though Síocháin works differently for every Kósmos dweller, gift-giving occurs frequently during the festival, making it a vague tradition many dwellers look forward to at the first signs of Winter and Summer.


This year, Síocháin works as a gift-giving game! Here's how it works:

• To participate, players must make gift art featuring a fellow player's Eláfkeri! Said gift will grant the artist "Gift Points" or GP.

• To claim GP from an art gift, a player must fill out a form in the blog queue, in the comments section. These GP are tallied in a spreadsheet that contains all players' GP count ( see below ).

• Every time a player reaches a reward tier, they earn the rewards from said tier. All tiers can be reached by all players.



• There's no limit to how many art gifts you make! Go wild, make others happy with your gifts!

• You can depict more than one player's Eláfkeria, but a single entry will only roll GP once.

• You may only make gift art featuring other players' Eláfkeria ( admins included ). Mascot/NPC/Starter fan art does not count towards the event.


Visual Art Criteria

• Head shot at minimum

• Colored or shaded


Literary Art Criteria

• 400 words at minimum


Depict someone else's Eláfkeri enjoying the peaceful Winter or the warm Summer in some way! Are they meditating under the refreshing snow? Maybe sunbathing with the first morning rays?

Are they alone, or has a friendly face joined them?

Remember to relate your entry to the festival's lore in some way!


> Submit the gift art you've made to claim your GP here! <




{ GP Tracker }


Every gift art you make can be used to claim Gift Points ( GP )! GP will be used throughout the event to be tallied against a bar of tiered rewards, which will determine how many prizes you get!


GP is not tallied against other players; everyone can win every reward, as long as they earn enough GP.


The amount of GP earned by an entry is semi-randomized:

• An entry that only fulfills the base criteria ( see above ) will roll 1-10 GP.

• If it's the first time you draw for a player during the event, the entry earns +2 GP.

• An entry with HarP bonuses ( of any kind, outside of the base criteria ) will grant the same amount of extra GP ( e.g. an Extra Eláfkeri bonus that grants +4 HarP will grant +4 GP for the Event ).

• Every entry grants +6 GP due to the Event HarP bonus. This means the Event bonus does not need to be listed to be claimed.

• The Personal Art and Activity bonuses do NOT count for GP.


> Check your GP Tracker here! <




{ Event Rewards }


This year's Síocháin's rewards work in tiers; this means they stack, and every player can earn them fully!


Tier I - 10 GP

• x3-4 Crafting Items •

• x1 Companion •


Tier II - 20 GP

• x2 Starter Slots •


Tier III - 30 GP

• x1 Common Egg •


Tier IV - 40 GP

• x1 Iron Semi-Custom •


Extra GP - Every +20 GP after reaching Tier IV

• x2 Crafting Items OR x1 Companion ( randomized ) •


> Claim GP from an entry here! <

( Same link as Síocháin Gift-Giving section above. )




{ Hat Gifts }


A certain hatmaker got very excited to hear about the festival, and made too many hats with the inspiration!


They insist you take one... of each! Three hats never harmed anyone, right?



item picture

x1 Cozy Beanie


item picture

x1 Fluffy Hat


item picture

x1 Straw Hat / Flower Crown


All three Hats are Decoration items, and can be placed on your Eláfkeri's Import and have it updated in the Parlor.


> Claim your three FREE Hats here! <




{ Deadline }


This event is now closed! No more entries will be accepted.

Thank you everyone for participating! You may find other players' entries through the "Siochain" and "Siochain2021" tags on PD's galleries 💛


This event will end on February 28th 2022, at 11:59 pm Kósmos Time ( UTC-5:00:00 ).

Check Kósmos's time here! <




Eláfkeria are an ARPG closed species by SheepMomther

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