Progress So Far

Aug 15, 2022, 5:12:14 PM | 0 Comments | 2 min read

So, I'm continuing to study. I've been learning about color theory. I've been working on values and grayscales. I made a grid drawing of an apple where I focused on putting the right value in the right square. That was cool! I've been learning about human construction - weird and delightful how much a pair of jars helps me to understand joints and poses. I've done a bazillion quick 5-minute figure sketches. I've been watching videos about using colored pencils. And I've been illustrating a ton of pictures, via Paper Demon prompts and via an app called Jazza's Arty Games. I've drawn a koala in a magical library featuring a sarcophagus, an underwater city made of metal that features kelp, a wizard with an outrageous mustache, and a futuristic castle with people cleaning the grounds and a secret passage. I started studying drawing on July 23rd and now it's August 15th. I feel like I'm in the newbie gains portion - that early quick leveling up that'll level off soon enough into a slower climb. 

Oh! Also! BIG NEWS. One of my boyfriends is giving me his old Surface Pro 4! Eeeee! That means I'll get to try digital drawing and painting. It's a princely gift. I'm stunned. I plan to keep drawing mostly in my sketchbook, but I'm going to start watching tutorials and pick art software and start leveling up those skills a bit.

I'm finding that I work best when I jump around a bit in terms of my focus. Perspective one day, values the next, figure drawing the next --and then jump back and forth, focusing on one technique at a time as I build up full illustrations or quick sketches. 

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