In the moment 9.1.16

Sep 1, 2016, 3:54:57 PM | 3 min read

Happy September everyone!

I want to start this journal by saying I'm offically back to all my accounts, even Diveantart, and my DA journal you can disregard I've decided its not fair to anyone that you'd only get some of my artwork and not others so All artwork is on the table personal or not. Same with journal posts while I still won't go into offline personal things if it pertains to my artwork or projects then its not off limits.

Project plush: I've recently been working on a doll of one of my new Gemsona's I've been untangling yarn and brushing it out for a week and its been a very soothing and zen experience, However for the first half of September I'm taking a break to get back into my artwork and get posting.

Artwork: I have two months worth of art to post that's 43 pictures and I want to make that clear that is TWO MONTHS worth of artwork so while I'm posting it now it in no way reflects how I am now that goes with vent art and everything.  if all goes well and I get it all posted with in two days I should be on a better posting schedual asap

Project DEL RED Chronicals: My DA friend mikitheaussie /:iconmikitheaussie: got me into this online pet site called "Chicken smoothie" (see link at bottom of journal) and since then I wanted to make a whole story and world cenered around some of the more unquie and colorful pets I've gotten. Due to RL I was unable to really start it but I hope to remiedy that this month

Project Gemsona: I've made more Gemsona's and a story world around them which like DEL RED I hope to get working on this month

Projects and artwork will pend on offline activitys such as reading, and TV shows watched


I also have something serious, personal, but very much important to share with you all. After Three years and eight months I'm still struggling with the drama of Marieangel04 I'm fully aware this is highly unhealthy and am trying everything I can think of to get over it all, however I hope you'll bare with me if and when pictures regarding her as a topic pops up.
I was bullied by her. plain and simple. and sadly not so simple is me getting over that, It took me six years to get over Real drama between me and two friends offline I'm sure it will take me much much longer to get thought this one. So please bare with me as I fight my way though this.