HELLO again

Apr 13, 2013, 5:13:18 AM | 1 min read

Ah, been a long while since I been on Paperdemon. Been busy. Mostly PS3 wise. *coughs*

But, good thing I remember the password here. Not so much for Storm-artist, may have to make a new one there, but anyway... 

deviantART has gone down hill for me. Too much copyright stuff allowed. Reporting is useless now. Not bothering with dA anymore.

So, I've decided to store my works there, for now. I won't be uploading there anymore.

Moving here, and storm-artist. Don't worry I won't flood my works here not right now. I won't upload them all either. Just new works, semi-new. one year old or less, works. Gonna focus on New works. Might redo older works, but that's at a later time.

I think most my writings are here. 

Turthly I haven't been drawing or writing much lately, but that might change, you never know. 

Anyway, If anyone reads this, thank you, and hope you all are well.

Again, I won't be flooding the site too much, and not in one day. upload one every two days. Just semi-newly drawn stuff, and brand new stuff.