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Tags: fantasy art, fairy, watercolor


Completed: Jun 14, 2005

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This is one of my favorite paintings...I used it for my icon, in fact.

I was trying to do some interesting things with the composition.  The whole design of the fairy incorporates a series of arrows that are meant to draw your eye to the dandelion.  The shape of the wings, the hair, the open sky...all point to the flower.  I don't know why.  I just thought it might look interesting.

In my mind, she's the first fairy of summer, & her job is to go around sowing the first dandelions of the season.  She's a bit of a troublemaker.

Watercolor on cold-press D'Arches paper.

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Beautiful wings. I love the colors.

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Attention is definitely drawn towards the flower, even from the thumbnail and before I read your description.
I love how her wings look more like moth wings (to me) than the more cliché looking butterfly wings that most often accompany faerie drawings.
I like how she's drawn, too, and her hair looks really nice, I just keep looking at it!

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