Crouching Inuyasha

Posted Aug 1, 2007, 12:59:05 PM

This is a recolour of an earlier picture. I used brushes procured from echolalie-stock and stockudith on deviantART for the background.


This was used as an award image for the Inuyasha Feudal Association - "Best Overall Artwork".

Inuyasha (c) Rumiko Takahashi

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  • Nov 13, 2009
    his ears are adorable... i love his expression!
  • Mar 25, 2009
    This will make a great Desktop BG! Big Smile
  • Feb 4, 2008
    He looks like he's ready to pounce. I love the way you did the Fire Rat cloth.
  • Sep 5, 2007
    I like the way you drew him. The hair is nicely done. I like seeing fanart done in styles other than the original. I also like the textures.
    • Sep 7, 2007
      Thank you very much! I really wanted to play with texture in this one. I enjoy translating the likeness of fan art characters into my own style. I'm glad you like how it turned out. Smile




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