First, I must state that I do have a life. My sister is pregnant and as a baby gift, I have offered to paint her baby room for her. The whole nine yards and everything! She lives in Louisiana and I will probably be taking a two week trip down there before Thanksgiving. Unfortunately that means that I will not have access to the internet as my sister lives like a caveman. Not even cable. Then, when you think about it, there's Christmas. And as much as I would like to stay at home in front of my computer for the entire hoilday, my nagging relatives require my appearance, EVEN though I do absolutely NOTHING. They love killing my muse. On top of that, I have to deal with my boyfriend's family too! Grrrr......

Okay so I have decided that bon vivant will not be published until it is complete. I have limited myself to a mere ten chapters in hopes of this being a short story more than anything else. Let's just hope I can stick to my original sketches and am able to wrap everything up in such a short time. As a result, things will move rather fast. Sometimes I like it that way. ^^ If this works out for me, I will start doing more themed works like bon vivant. Suggestions are welcomed and I might possibly do requests. Who knows where this could lead.

I must say that I had not expected AUL to take off like it did. But I guess that goes to show me that sex sells. ~,~` Because of this 'burst of interest', I have altered the original concept of AUL only slightly. I added a little more girth in hopes of making it make sense.


AUL 10: last revising. 11: O.o I hate to say this but I'm afraid this chapter will take me a long time (maybe until Christmas). I have to finish flushing out the rest of the details - ie, the # of chs - and review some of my other chapter notes before I can successfully write this one. It looks to be long but I can't say for sure. However, I can give you the title; 'The Truth'. ^^

Gates is currently being completely redone. The files that I was working on have somehow become corrupted so I must reformat them so you can read them - ie. taking out those weird boxes and crazy !$%^....... I think God is testing my patience. If you are interested in beta-reading this series, email me: yukichan@gmail[DOT]com.

As with bon vivant, Reunion will not see the light of day until the revision is finished. However, I still need a beta. It seems that GW fans have moved on, but I am determined to rewrite this!

Thanks to Marcia / mlmonty / for helping me out and being the best beta in the world!

When I look at the dozens of document files that litter my desktop, I cringe. There are literally over twenty ideas just sitting there, waiting for me and my muse to spark interest in them. I am horrible. I have over ten drabbles and oneshots that simply need tweaking or someone else's attention. Not to mention that they all traverse over five different animes. >,< What in the world was I thinking? Someone please tell me.

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