The Hound of the Phoenix

Posted Aug 18, 2007, 5:53:51 AM

This is a commission I got from Forthrightly as a Christmas present for Feni, the author of the Inuyasha fic The Phoenix Blade. This is Fenik, the spirit of that sword that's on his waist if I understand everything right. (I haven't read the fic yet... it's on my list.) I can't really say much about the character background... I was told that he "looked more like Sess, but with Inu's attitude", so that's what I went with.

Forthrightly and Feni were happy with the final product, though, so that's all that matters.

Illustrator CS2, Photoshop CS2

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  • Oct 4, 2007
    no comments?? This is great, i love it!!!!!
  • Feb 4, 2008
    He's very alluring, XD. Great job. I guess I have to go read that fic, too. ^^