Battle for the Earth Kingdom

Posted Sep 7, 2007, 5:22:56 PM

Aang vistiendo un traje standar del Reino Tierra, luchando contra Zuko en el escenario de la trágica batalla final del segundo libro.

Se trata de una ilustración análoga, con color digital (Photoshop). Aang y Zuko tomaron relativamente poco tiempo (aprox. 1-2 hrs cada uno), pero el escenario fue un verdadero dolor de cabeza. Tomó la mayor parte del tiempo.


Aang dressed in a standar Earth Kingdom suit, fightink Zuko in the scenary of the tragic final battle of the second book.

It´s an analogue sketch with digital color (photoshop). Aang and Zuko took relatively short time (about 1- 2 hours each), but the background was a real headache. It took the longest time to get it done.



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  • Dec 23, 2009
    Wow!! This is fantastic! I love Aang's outfit and the background is amazing!! Wow, I can't imagine how you had the patience to do this! Great job though!