Jeric Orcish Sailor

Posted Sep 12, 2007, 3:43:32 AM

unfinished coloring job, kinda quick background. I also know he is not quite as beefy as most orcs tend to be, still working on that, but he is a sailor, so he would need to be a bit lighter than average.

Damn, this turned out to be a depressing character indeed, lol. Bad things just kept happening to him while i was coming up with his history... Basically, he was a sailor on a ship full of orcs, trolls, and a few others. They were all outcast, or orphaned, without a real family of their own. So, they all became really close to each other and the ship's crew was really tight.

Well, there was a huge storm, or something, and basically, the ship was destroyed. There were a few survivors, and they floated, bobbing in the water as the sun came out and day broke. They were all close enough to see each other, but too far away, and too exhausted to swim to help one another. Jeric, in the end, was forced to watch as his surviving companions simply ran out of energy and sunk into the waves.

He finds out later, of course, that he had latent Shamanic abilities and so, had he known, he probably could have manipulated the water just enough to save his friends.

He fell into a depression and now, wanders around Ratchet, mostly drunk and tries to find his purpose again, reclaim his orcish legacy....

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  • Sep 14, 2007
    Your ocr looks kind but not evil. A new view to orcs?