A Matter of View

Posted Sep 23, 2007, 2:29:09 PM

Another surrealism piece, done for school (see previous submission).

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  • Jan 27, 2008
    I like your nice deep blacks- and it's good that you have really light lights as well, however you need some more medium values. It can be hard with the type of pen/marker you are using to get those medium tones, but it's important to make your work better. I love most of the imagery you use. The building is great and the candles coming out from the sides are really imaginative. The rats on top have so much character, they really make the piece. But I would avoid using the dali clock- it's kind of over done. unless you are trying to make a homage to dali or have something new to say about the concept, I would avoid it. I really like the black curtain things, they're really interesting shapes that add to the composition. the clouds too are really interesting shapes, however I might work on them a bit more; they just don't look finished. I would say the same for the ground. Again, I think it's a case of figuring out how to use the medium you've chosen. fine tip markers, or whatever it is you've used is difficult to use for some things, and I can see that the ground will be a real challenge, however the sparse lines you've used to suggest the earth and grass won't quite cut it in a finished piece. I also feel like you should add more darks to the bottom of the piece- it would lead the eyes around your page better. The empty white at the bottom really throws the eyes off the paper instead of back up. Perhaps you could crop the page shorter or add something dark to the forground at the bottom. But those are all just more formal problems. Your drawing skills and the images you've used are great- it's just a matter of taking your great concepts and images and translating them into a great composition. I think that you should work on this piece a little more and make it into something even better. Great work.
  • Sep 24, 2007
    Pretty sweet ^_^ It reminds me a lot of Dali's stuff Yes
    • Sep 25, 2007
      Thanks Big Smile <3 It was inspired by DalΓ­ as well. (at least, my teachers wanted me to look at DalΓ­ a lot XD)
      • Sep 25, 2007
        No problem ^_^ Dali is an awesome Surrealistic artist for sure Yes




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