Well looks like you've stummbled on to my profile. As long as you're here I might as well tell you a bit about myself :yes: I'm 23 and I currently live in Nevada ( in the U.S. if you didn't know)

I mainly like to write and draw. Writing comes very naturally to me but I tend to draw a lot more these days. I started drawing when I was around ten and was first inspired to when I saw DragonBall Z. I think I've come pretty far :yes: but I'm always open for constructive criticism though a simple "Hey! that looks cool!" Will do too lol ;)

I like a ton of anime shows and games ESPECIALLY Resident Evil. I'm a big nerd when it comes to that stuff so if you ever feel like wasting time talking about games or anime I'm always open for a good conversation :yes: I'm an easy going person so I get along with practically anyone.  Well I think that's about it thanks for stopping by! :glomp:

Interested in a commission?? Click here for details and stuff :3

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