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Miguel of the Cold Wind

Posted Oct 28, 2007, 3:32:46 AM

Yup. :3

Miguel is mine. ^^

Ain't he purdy? And yes, I'm aware that his waist is a bit distorted. I didn't notice until after I'd finished the drawing. ^^;

Name: Miguel
Age: 19
Race: Human
Appearance: Short blue hair, with a rat-tail, often tied up in a braid. He has a pale complexion, and green eyes. He stands at 5'5". For a magic-user, he has a toned body from exercise.
Personality: He is generally quiet, but not unfriendly. However, he is slow to trust. He also seems to get annoyed easily.
Other: He has a soft voice that is somewhat used to being raised while reciting incantations. He is fairly adept at the arts of this sort, as well as archery. He likes to wear soft and flowy clothing that show off his tattooed chest, but is modest everywhere else.
Bio: Miguel was raised in a village of magic users that draw upon the power of enchanted scrolls to execute them. However, in the elements of healing, ice and wind, he exceeded that restriction, and can call upon just those three elements at will. As such, he carries scrolls of fire, healing, and earth with him at all times, often strapped to his back in an order that he remembers. For his adept skills, he was given four sets of tattooes on his chest as a symbol of this (for adept, and then elements).

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