Gojun-sama- Dragon King

Posted Feb 7, 2008, 6:14:17 AM UTC

This is Gojun-sama from the Saiyuki Gaiden series.  If you're a fan of the saiyuki series, you'll know his other form in that series as well. If not, PM me and I'll tell you if you want. Hee. <3

I was once called the saiyuki no Megami. For my vast knowelge of the show. Before it  came to the US. Even then I  was still a big know it all. I even knew Goku's english VA on the AOL chat boards. But that was a long time  ago. I have not  the money  to continue my obessesion nor  a dvd player  in the master  bedroom to watch them all on. I still have all my saiyuk stuff. XD LAWLS I'm a nerd.

I drew this fanart sketch from a tiny corner frame panel  from the saiyuki gaiden manga. I was very hard and I wore that book out.  I have to go buy it in english now so I know what's going on. xD

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