Hello thar! I'm Yokie! The Pirate Foxgirl! YAY!!!I'm going to tell you a little history of me~ Isn't that wonderful!?

I first remember drawing at the age of 11 or so. Right around when Magic the Gathering came out. I used to draw the art that were on the cards. I still have my Nightmare horse drawing. It was done all in colored pencils. It wasn't  half bad. I used to draw for  my  dad a lot. He passed away about three years ago. And when he passed I had stopped drawing. He was my  living muse.   And now I've started drawing again, trying to find  my style. I know its animish, I can't help that. Its what  pleasing to my  eyes. 

I know I need a lot  of pracitce on a lot of things, like bodys, hands, legs, and feet, to name a few.  But I'm trying! <3 Drawing is so much fun for me. I draw a lot of gaia avatars. Don't boo me!

I am a DA  member and I hate them. They're nothing but a bunch of art nazis!  I don't understand why they  hate fanartists and anime  artist so much!  And no one ever comments on anything I do on that site anymore. So  I don't think its worth it anymore.

I heard about paperdemon from Zyephen, who's profile I saw on DA. I love her comic "Chaotic Nation". So I figured I give this place a shot. I love it! <3  I've only been a member for a day  and already got a comment!  YAY!  I can't wait to share the new art I've done with you all! I need to get ink for my  scanner. Don't ask!


I hope you enjoy my gallery and profile! Hopfully we can be friends!


Blessed Be!



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