Posted Mar 28, 2008, 1:23:59 AM

Ths non-adult version of this piece.


BTW, I own nadathing. ;)

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  • Mar 27, 2008
    OOh... he looks really Yummy! ;p
    • Mar 28, 2008
      Oh, thank you! Was so hoping to convey his looks for the story he goes with. Wink
      • Mar 28, 2008
        You're welcome! Is the story up over here? I'd like to read it! Big Smile
        • Mar 29, 2008
          No, not here but I sent you a note on it tho. Wink
          • Mar 29, 2008
            Thanks! I got it & I can't read it cuz I can't log in...T.T
            • Mar 30, 2008
              Sorry Hun, theres no logging in on that site, just reading/reviewing. *scraches head*
              • Mar 30, 2008
                Really? for some reason I can't get that fic to open...T.T It's frustrating. All I see is the title banner & when I click on it it goes right back to that page with all her other stories & it says you have to log in. ^^;
                • Mar 31, 2008
                  Hun, dont click on the title banner, look below, there is where youll see each chap, lol.
                  • Mar 31, 2008
                    *laughs* I don't know why I thought those were other stories by her, but I did. I have since done that & enjoyed reading it. Are you going to draw Kagome in that dress she wore when she sang to Inu?

                    I got a good laugh when Sessh drove his B-mer as my dad has one. XD
                    • Mar 31, 2008
                      Naa, all thoose are chaps to just the one story, hehe. She gots a whole bunch more shes wrote tho! Wink

                      And I never thought bout doin that, dman that would be a good pic! Thanks! Big Smile
                      • Mar 31, 2008
                        *nods* I don't know why I thought it was a bunch of different stories... I must have been half asleep the first time i looked. XD Yeah? What's another good one?

                        Yeah? Sweet!! I can't wait to see it! Big Smile
                        • Mar 31, 2008
                          Take a pick on any of hers, you wont be disappointed. May be dragged through some drama, angst and smut but not be disappointed, lol.
                          Most of her works are wonderfully AU and makes no bones bout it.

                          More recent is In His Eye, thats bout as close to canon as shes gonna get anymore but its an awesome read as all her works are. Rebound is great, The Edge of Seventeen is simply awesome, and the longest to date I think.

                          Like I said, pick one, ya wont be disappointed.
  • Oct 18, 2009
    Ooooh this is sexah * drools* Awesome work here ^^




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