Elf Girl

Posted Apr 4, 2008, 4:40:46 PM

I'm still try to draw an image of one of my characters. This is a new version. What's wrong with her?

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  • Apr 5, 2008
    I can give some pointers, but pazzaz summed up most of it. Anything you want to know more about specifically, or genearlly on top of the other comment?
    • Apr 5, 2008
      Can you add anything else? I really want to go through with it!
    • Apr 5, 2008
      I'm not sure how much else I can add... see, the amount of faults pazazz has pointed out kinda makes pointing out more pointless, cause well... everything else is off CAUSE of those things. besides, being told what's wrong doesn't actually fix it in a way you understand. What you need is to start over, and focus on making those proportions correct. http://cedarseed.deviantart.com/art/Express-guide-Figure-drawing-11939496 If you read this tutorial, it'll help, but if you're really serious about art and you want to become alot better at it, I can suggest some books to purchase, including the book that tutorial was based off. I learnt to draw from the same book ^^ That tutorial is a VERY boiled down version of Jack Hamm's 'How to draw the head and figure' (Except they modernised the art style XD the book has an old school art style XD ) It's a very concise book thoguh, and I haven't found a better book for a beginner yet ^^

      In the mean time, post a WIP of the new drawing, and we'll see if we can help you more from there ^^ Start on a new fresh page though!! You'll be able to compare beter that way even if you have to sketch your old drawing out again first.
      • Apr 6, 2008
        Thank you for your help! I should look for the book.
        • Apr 6, 2008
          Well, if you like reference books, and few other goods ones are:-

          Gary Faigin- The Artist's Complete Guide to Facial Expression- This is the BIBLE of facial expressions. ITs about an inch thick, and it's SO thorough...

          Wizard- How to draw. This book has a wide spread of information in alot of things you wouldn't normally think about in art- its a tutorial compilation from some of the best comic artists in the world.

          Sarah Simblet- Anatomy for the Artist. This one is GREAT for photo references in relation to doing art. Has some beautiful photography (Warning- does contain groin area in some detail)

          These ones are best once you've gotten the anatomy down a bit cause its more advanced. You can take a look at them, but they're more usefull if you know the basics already ^^ *salutes*
  • Apr 4, 2008
    She seem like a lovely character. Her proportions are way off. Her head is way too big for her body or her body is way too small for her head. Her elbows should hit at her waist and they appear to be up too high. There are many really good tutorials on proportion available on-line that may be of some help to you. Thanks for sharing this with us.
    • Apr 5, 2008
      Thank you greatly! That's really the thing I guessed but wasn't sure. It seems that her neck is too long and I should do something with her hair. Is it so?
      • Apr 5, 2008
        Her neck is a bit long, but overall the head needs to be smaller too. Her hair is not bad, if you want to change it out, that would be your choice. I look forward to seeing her done again. Smile




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