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  • Aug 15, 2005
    Ohh, this is very elegant Monk, I like this very much, her pose looks kinda sad to me, but it really strikes me emotionally for some reason. I'm Favorite this. Great work ;)
    • Aug 16, 2005
      Thank you lots!Worship
      i tried to draw her in another less sader pose, but no matter how hard i tried, she still did not look right, so i redid it in her original pose. Smile
      • Aug 16, 2005
        You're welcome, Monk-monk. And she really does look great, it's just the emotionality of it that gets me lol.
    • Sep 12, 2005
      Really?! my friend showd me a picture like it, only it was red like this and i decided to draw it... OH NO! I hope i didnt accedenty do copyright crap...O.O!
      AAAWWW!!! OH NO!!!