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NNG Beach Mischief

Posted Sep 17, 2008, 9:06:01 AM
Airi and her brother Kaneto hanging out with a couple friends and relatives. Here, Airi's being a sweetie and posing for the camera (with her bikini bra stuffed XDD) while in the background Kaneto fools around with a rather unimpressed Nanaho and Tenma the pervy wise-cracking rhino beetle admires Chiko... ... from afar XDDD

After doing Airi, I got lazy in the end and didn't bother colouring the others' lines. That's why Airi looks a lil' more disney-esque.

Kaneto &Chiko (c) ~EspardaLegion
Airi, Tenma, Nanaho, art (c) Me

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