Avatar Song Meme

Posted Jan 17, 2009, 4:25:13 AM

There's a song meme floating out there somewhere; you put your Mp3 player/iPod on random and then draw a theme inspired by that song for a particular pairing, character or fandom (repeat nine more times for a total of ten). So Withoutname (from dA) and I decided to give a go with the avatar fandom. Hers rocked, whilst mine is rough with three that Im actually happy with. The sketches aren't in order, but thats not important.

So starting from top to bottom songs/images;
Aang post S3 - Angels are weeping by Nox Arcana
Katara (supposedly) waterbending - Must be Dreaming by FrouFrou
Katara being all pissy (stick figure is aang trying to apologize) - Circle by Paramour
AU lookign Zuko walkign away from a scene of sticky figure kataang moment - Go Mad by Caleb Kane
Katara with Zuko in a headlock - Love's Not a competition - Paramour
Toph (nuff said) - You're Gonna Go Far Kid by the Offspring
Zuko around S2 - I Want My Life by Smile Empty Soul
Zuko (again) with flame dagger - Make a Move by Lost Prophets
Azula S3 (that scene where goes officially insane, you can even see a stick figure of Ursa in the mirror) - In The End by Linkin Park
Yue and either Tui or La - Over Now SubMersed

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