I'm a jack of many trades.  I pretty much like everything and will do just about anything at least once.  There's not much to say about me really.  My favourite colours are reddish-orange, wine red and twilight blue.  Favourite anime is Full Metal Alchemist, Noein, Naruto, Code Geass, and School Rumble.  Favourite manga is Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, xxxHolic, and Inu Yasha. Also love video games -- fav game right now is Jak and Daxter, but I also love Tomb raider: Angel of Darkness, and Primal. My music interests are broad, I listen to pop, gothic, rock, alternative, classical, musical soundtracks, JPop, german metal, Rai .... the list goes on and on.

My ambition in life right now is to become an animator, and also not die in debt/ in poverty/with a crappy job I hate.  Yaay for goals in life.  I love art -- it completes me, makes me feel whole.  There's something completely satisfying in it.  I love both digital and traditional mediums.  In some cases I prefer the traditional mediums because there's nothing better than getting your hands a little dirty to create something wonderful.

Also love writing -- it too completes me.  I'm an English nerd, I like grammer, and the thesaurus is my bestest best buddy.  I've yet to write anything completly *original* I've stuck mostly to fanfics.  Not saying there isn't ideas floating around up there -- trust me I've got plenty of ideas for some original literature -- but I've yet to have the inspiration and stamina to write.  And of course, with writing, reading comes hand-in-hand.  I love reading. I have a huge collection of books.  It's kind of scary.

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