Cammor and Colli - Cyberpunk roleplay characters

Posted Jan 19, 2009, 12:22:10 AM

From an RP that is currently going ,but on hold for now. The person is sicks.

This is Cammor and Colli.

The roleplay is a cyberpunk... space bounty-hunters... yeah ,i know ,but that's what i love. The rp isn't yaoi, these are just the guys of the crew. Colli is the Capt. Cammor takes role as Capt. if something happens to Colli.

About Colli:

He seems to be a perverted womanizer at first glance ,but he's really a sad character.

It seems everyone he feels in love with dies for some-whatever reason.

He was once married ,but his wife died after 2 years. She overdosed experimenting with illegal hardcore drugs.
His first love was a man ,in his teen years. The man he loved died in a car accident; the person that slammed him was a drunk driver.

He just has very bad luck... or is it JUST luck?


About Cammor:

As far as parenting and loved ones his past is clear of major drama. The place he grew up in was dominated by it made is hard to be a man there. Otherwise ,things were ok ,and normal.

As far as his health ,he's the more sickle of the crew. When he's not out in public parting ,fighting a bounty or training he's probably coughing up blood, or tending to a wound that ,on a normal person isn't serious but for him, won't stop bleeding for a long period of time.


Both these characters belong to the rp with me and my partner, but i make them for the most part.

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