The Best Laid Plans

Posted Feb 20, 2009, 3:37:08 AM

...were not nearly as good as you thought.

There are certain characters who are going to pop up again and again in this gallery (because I can't stop drawing them for the life of me). Let me introduce you to one of them now. This fine chap is Asher Lee, gentleman pirate and captain of the good airship Osprey. His story takes place in sort of a pseudo-steampunk, neo-victorian setting that I always have trouble summing up.

He's an airship pirate. That's the heart of it. (And a damn good one, too.) Here, we see what is arguably his greatest weakness: his tendency to not really think things through. This is what happens when you challenge an officer of the Royal Aeronautical Navy to a duel. Asher's sword-wielding skills could use some work.

At least his confidence isn't lacking!

(This picture is actually a few months old, but it's a favorite.)

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