I'm a college student, fourth-year graphic design major, minoring in Italian. I draw compulsively.

My main thing is coming up with new characters and new storylines - sometimes they get written down, sometimes they just bounce around in my head. So expect this gallery to have a lot of portraits and little illustrated scenes.

When I'm not drawing, I'm generally playing guitar, writing, or messing around on the internet. I am particularly geeky when it comes to typography. And comic books. And quite a few other things, actually.


Currently doing commissions for a good cause - please ask for details.


My other galleries:
[email protected]
[email protected] - contains some adult material, but you won't see it unless you're logged into the site.

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  • Cover for At the Edge of the Sky

    At the Edge of the Sky

    NaNoWriMo '09. Skypirate captain Asher Lee finally gets the notoriety he's been after all these years. This turns out to be less glamorous than he'd expected. (Please bear in mind that this story is basically unedited and unrevised. Any of that nonsense will have to wait till December.)

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