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Posted Mar 3, 2009, 10:49:23 AM

A wwhhhillleeee ago, I found a meme which was something like 'draw 10 of your OCs (Original Characters) and put them into situations, like numer 1 does this to number 6'.

I never got any further than the first part of the meme, namely drawing ten of my OCs and it was rotting away somewhere. So today, when I saw it crying in the corner of my desktop, I decided to upload it together with a quick portrait I made of another OC of mine. Drew that one to try out my new tablet a little while ago.

So now the list of the OCs you see:

-Mara, a fire mage and dancer. As the demigod of death once said; she is trying to turn the world into a better place on her own.
-Mouse, my mouse fursona. Shy, cute and yet very naughty.
-Wakaba, the general of the Red Army. Completly insane and sex obsessed.
-Nil'kacha, a blind drow monk. Silent, fast and standing behind her believes.
-Lynxia, half blind cyborg assassin. My old alter ego from who I also took my artist name from.
-Sarah, half blind redhead vampiress. Awesome with guns and always torn between things such as love and the right thing to do.
-Lilith, a mixbreed of a lynx and a fox and possessed by a demon. One of the main characters from The Possessed story.
-Doll, half blind vampiress who is also a vampire slayer. No matter that she is short in size, she has a crazy psycho elf behind her who watches her back.
-Mindy, the dickgirl husky. Loves icecream and sex on... I mean, walks on the beach.
-Scarlet, the violinist of city Torao. Sickenly shy, sickenly kind, sickenly pro with playing the violin and sickenly possessed by a demon.
-Michaels, a vampiress with incest issues. Loves to cause havoc and blood to flow and wants her brother's babies. Also goes crazy over her father...

These are only a few of my Original Characters, but these are the ones I have played/drawn the most.


Which one is your favorite?

Art and ALL the characters © lynxia
(I love characters who are either blind or half blind; don't ask me why XD)

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