Don't Play with Fire

Posted Mar 6, 2009, 6:35:39 PM

My role play character Mara is a fire mage.

Though she is able to control other elements, she has mainly studied for the art of fire. As her magica is very strong, the fire within her gets a boost and forces the mageling to have a firm control on herself.
No drinking alcohol, no over-excitement and certainly not getting angry. anything to keep herself and the burning magica inside of her calm so she won't suddenly burst into flames.

In the drawing you see six stages of Mara and when she loses control over her magica bit by bit.

This is the [b]FIRST[/b] time I have done a drawing completly digitally, from lines to color and believe me, I have called myself stupid, crazy and insane many times while trying to pull this off.
I do like the result of this 'experiment'.

Mara is so adorable to play ^-^


Mara and art (c) Lynxia

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