Sparkly Home-Made Fun

Posted Apr 26, 2009, 12:58:17 PM


The major advantage of having a glittery would-be vampire-boyfriend, home-made jewellery using his disco-ball skinned flesh XDDD

For those who know me in real life, I greatly dislike Twilight. To the max. I've a sister and friend who like it, but I won't delve into that...for obvious reasons. I've been longing to do something like this.

Anyway, this was based on a comment someone made about Edward having skin like sparkly diamonds Bella could make necklaces with it. Oh yeah, this is SUPPOSED to be a stupid joke, and I know he's NOT that glittery or whatever the crap, it's meant to be totally lame. So don't get up at me and bitch like an immature little kid for having an opinion, or a sense of humour for that matter. If you like Twlight, fine, just accept the fact others may not like it. End of story.


NOTE: What is it with his site?? I couldn't find a Street Fighter OR even a Twilight gallery here! Maybe I'm not looking in the right direction or something....

Characters (c) Stephanie Meyer
Art (c) Me

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  • Apr 26, 2009
    Heh- I made one kinda similar It was a bit of a piss take on me as well thoguh- it's cause I cut my character (left) in half with a sword, healing him as it cut, and Edward is all like- 'Mine's worse! I sparkle XD' It was a piss take on the character design, case really- I don't know why she thought it'd be a good idea to make them sparkle. I watched the movie hoping that the character design was the worst thing about it. Sadly it's no. Luckily thoguh, the BIGGEST issues with Twilight center around Bella and Edward. If they weren't such badly written characters, I think Twilight might actually be worth something... XD
    • Apr 26, 2009
      LOL awesome XDDD

      The entire book [and film]'s totally messed up. I felt the 'love' between the two was more like abusive and pure blind teenage lust. That's not exactly a loving relationship to me.
      • Apr 26, 2009
        Yeah- Edward is very creepy in a stalker sort of way- not a vampire sort of way. I watched the movie hoping that the general public over rated it's failier cause really- I don't knock it till I try it.

        I'm glad I did. I now know its MUCH worse than the critics say it is >.> It's just Bella and Edward though. I think if Meyer did the story about the minor characters it'd be fine as a vampire novel that well... isn't vampires. See, I immunised myself to them not being true vamps. After that, it's badly written still >.>